Common Fish Diseases and How to Prevent Them

gold fish

Being a responsible fishkeeper is a must to avoid a fish kill or diseases that might infect the whole aquarium. We have listed down the common fish diseases and how you can prevent them.

White Spots or Ich

When you see some of the fishes in the aquarium developing white spots, they might be infected with ich. This disease is common in fishes. Ich looks like grains of salt found usually on fish gills. This happens when the species of fishes in your aquarium are not getting the right pH. The fish tank water might have too low or too high pH. If you see these white spots, go to Amsterdam bike rental and ask a local pet shop provider for solutions you can mix as a form of treatment. To prevent this disease from spreading, check the pH and temperature of the fish tank water. You may need to change the water regularly during treatment.

Bacterial Infections and Parasites

sea horseIt’s easy to diagnose whether your fish is infected by bacteria or parasites. Their tails, fins, and mouth will show an unusual colour. These body parts are the easiest to get infected. You’ll notice that there’s a rotting-like colour. In the case of parasites, you’ll notice a change in behaviour. The fish will try to scratch their tails and fins to the objects in the aquarium. If you suspect that your fishes suffer from bacteria or parasites, renting a bike in Amsterdam and going to the nearest pet store is a must. The water has to be treated. Ask the staff to provide you with a multiple purpose solution. Multi-purpose solutions will settle bacteria and parasite at the same time.

Clamped Fins

This is a common illness of fish when they move to a new habitat. They get stressed like other creatures when they are in the adaptation period. The illness usually gets better once the fish finally adapt to the new environment. If the condition doesn’t improve within a week, it is a sign of a bad habitat. Check the water condition and see if the pH level and temperature are up-to-par with the fishkeeping standards.