Introducing Fish as Your Kid’s First Pet

As your children grow, you need to teach them responsibilities. One good way of teaching them how to be responsible is introducing them a pet. But what if your child is allergic to cats or dogs? There’s a better way. You can go for fish as an alternative. You just need a small aquarium for starters and a resilient species of fish. Let us tell you why fish is an ideal pet for kids.

No Allergies Involvedbowl

Furs from cats and dogs may cause allergy. If you have a family member who is sensitive in furs or has allergies to it, fish as a pet would be a nice alternative. You don’t have to bathe them or give them extra special attention. Feeding them daily is enough. The best part, you don’t have to change your air filter sooner than required compared to having a cat or dog as pets. No allergies involved and no harm can be done especially to your kids.

Low Maintenance

Owning a pet is not a walk in the park like in Amsterdam top sightseeing but having fishes as a pet, it might be. Fish are low maintenance. You might need to clean the tank once or twice a month. Feeding them is the easiest. Your kid will have to feed the fish every day and check up on it. This will introduce them a routine or schedule. You can also let your child help in cleaning the tank. Give them a simple task like taking out the decorations and wash them, while you do the heavy cleaning.


Fish Can Be Trained for Soccer

It may sound odd but yes, fish can be trained for soccer. Using your fingers you can teach the fish to move an accessory mimicking a soccer ball. In fact, you can buy fish soccer set from Kara Inci. You can let your child do this simple training. It lets your child practice patience by teaching a fish soccer ball. If the training is successful, treat your child to Amsterdam city trip as a form of reward. Fish keeping can be both fun and educational.