A Wide Variety of Aquariums

Whether you want to start small or big in setting up a fish tank at your home, Kara Inci has a wide variety of aquariums to choose from. We have aquariums designed for both freshwater and saltwater fishes. There are 4 basic fish tank set up depending on the species of fish you would like to keep: Freshwater, coldwater, marine aquariums, and brackish aquariums. Freshwater and coldwater aquariums are designed for tropical fishes. The marine aquarium set up is for saltwater fishes while the brackish aquarium set up is a mixture of both freshwater and saltwater to care for sensitive species of fishes.

Great Selections of Fishes

Kara Inci only gets fishes from suppliers who have permits. You don’t have to worry about buying fishes that came from illegal fishing. As a pet store specialized in fishes, we take responsibility on the legality of species we cater. Our store care for many species of fishes. We have both freshwater and saltwater species of fishes you could choose from. Be mesmerized with the beauty of these creatures. There are rare types of species for sophisticated fishkeepers. The fishes here at Kara Inci are properly cared for to ensure their optimum health.

Visit Us and Be Entertained

Change some of your destinations in Amsterdam holiday. Visit us and be entertained by these glamorous and colourful fishes. You’ll see different types of corals, shellfish, and astounding rare types of fishes. The best thing about visiting our store is you no longer need to buy Amsterdam city pass just to see the beauty of the ocean. We consider our store as a mini ocean because you can see the underworld without getting wet. Our staffs will give you a warm welcome and educate you about these beautiful creatures.