Three Types of Aquariums You Can Set Up at Home

Having an aquarium at home creates a relaxing vibe. If you are planning to set up an aquarium at home, let us help you decide what type of aquarium you can buy. The first thing you need to consider when buying an aquarium is the type of fish you would like to have as a pet. As much as possible, buy a bigger aquarium so they can swim around more.


Fresh Water Tanks (72 to 84 Degrees Fahrenheit)

Tropical fishes love freshwater tanks. These species of fishes are quite more resilient and have a higher survival rate. Freshwater tanks can provide them with the environment where they can survive. It needs lesser maintenance and decorations. This tank is the best aquarium type for beginners. They cost cheaper compared to marine tanks. If you are a beginner in setting up your aquarium, freshwater tanks may be the right place to get started.

Cold Fresh Water Tanks (Below 70 Degrees Fahrenheit)

Cold freshwater tanks are designed to provide an environment for species fish which are sensitive to heat. One good example is the goldfish. These tanks are quite common in warmer climate cities such as vuelos a las vegas. Coldwater fishes are colourful and are very pleasing to the eyes that’s why many collectors like to pet them. If you are planning to pet rare species like candy basslet, Neptune grouper, and clarion angelfish, investing your money in cold fresh water tanks is ideal. Cold freshwater tanks are almost similar to freshwater tanks, you just need to add some equipment to maintain the temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit especially in Amsterdam tour map.

clown fish

Marine Aquariums

Marine aquariums tend to mimic the environment in the ocean. Salt water is required in order to care for certain types of species of fish. Please be advised that setting up a marine aquarium is quite costly compared to the first two aquariums mentioned above especially if you live in cheap hotels in Amsterdam. You also need to set up live corals for these fishes to thrive. Marine aquariums are harder to find. If you can’t find one, visit for some advice.