Free Consultation Services

If you are still deciding on what fish tank to buy, we are ready to answer your questions. We’ll provide you with options, pros and cons, and valuable knowledge for you to be a successful fishkeeper. You may contact us through email or visit us directly on the shop for these inquiries. Kara Inci will be the best to-go-to place for beginners. Fishkeeping is a good hobby because you can enjoy the beautiful sight it brings in your home. However, it comes with great responsibility. Remember that these species are wonderful creatures. They deserve to be cared for.

Customized Tank Projects

For people who would like to have a customized fish tank at home, Kara Inci can deliver perfect fish tank projects. Whether it is a big or small project, you can rest assured that Kara Inci will give you a fabulous job. We charge just the right price for every project. If you have a design in mind that you would like us to work on, please contact us and we’ll give you feedback within 24 hours. We’ll discuss prior to working on the project the materials, labour cost, and detailed list of expenses involved. We have worked minor customization projects with cheap night Amsterdam and homeowners.

Hard to Find Supplies and Accessories

Going for big tanks might require hard to find supplies and accessories. If you have a need that is not available in our store, contact us, and we’ll find them for you. We have partnered with multiple companies so we can have a wide variety of stocks in our store. We will not require for your I Amsterdam card. We’ll find the item first, order it, and that’s the time we’ll ask for payment.